Research Interest

  • Standardization of traditional medicines.
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Extraction, Isolation and Separation of Chemical Constituents from herbal drugs.
  • Development of Novel Drug Delivery System for Herbal drugs.
  • Development of stable Ayurvedic formulation.
  • Preclinical and clinical study of natural drugs
  • Food drug interaction
  • The search of active components from plants used in Ayurveda to understand validity of centuries old use of Herbal medicines which possess anticancer, anti-inflammatory activity and antidiabetic activity.

Research Projects Completed

  • “Pharmacognostical and pharmacological study of kukkutandatvac bhasma and unripe coconut husk mashi with reference to Ayurvedic formulation processing techniques”  Savitribai Phule Pune University  (Rs.1.5 Lakhs)
  • Extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents from Euphorbia ligularia roxb (Family: Euphorbiaceae) and standardization of plant extracts using these phytoconstituents as marker compounds: Savitribai Phule Pune University  (Rs. 2.10 Lakh) 
  • Development of Herbal isotonic sport drink

Industrial Projects Completed  

  • Detailed project report of extraction of Gallic acid from Myrobalan
  • Detailed project report on Honey
  • Extraction of curcumin from turmeric
  • Extraction of active constituents from flowers


Design Patent: Extrudability Apparatus- Application no:3246662-001 dated 13/12/2019 (Manish S. Wani, Akshay M. Baheti, Anagha M. Wani, Satish A. Polshettiwar)


Book published

Akshay M Baheti, Rahul K. Dumber, Pharmacognosy –III, Sem V Third year B. Pharm, Gujarat University, Tex max Publication, Pune,                      1st edition 2015.

M. Pharm Thesis  Guided

Sr. No Name of student  PG Thesis Topic



1. Mr. Shivshankar Padgham

Simulated dissolution to study  fruit juices effect  on OTC product containing Paracetamol

2. Mr. Soyap Chougule

Simulated dissolution to study food effect on OTC product containing Paracetamol

3. Ms. Kanchan Palkar

Effect of Beverages on dissolution of OTC product containing Paracetamol

4. Mr. Shubham Kandalkar

Preparation, standardization and evaluation of Homeopathic formulation of cow urine.

5. Ms. Apurva Deshmukh

Formulation and evaluation of herbal tooth gel 

6. Mr. Sumit Giram

Development of chewable tablets of Panchkola churna extract and its standardization

7. Mr. Avadhoot Bobhate

Formulation and evaluation of Metoprolol Succinate SR tablet



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